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RECAJUD : Strengthening the capacity of Cameroonian civil society for access to justice for persons in detention

RECAJUD project aims to enhance detained persons’ access to justice in Cameroon through detained persons’ rights promotion. It also handles the most important cases and advocates in favor of alternative sentence and penalty.


In general, the legislative framework in Cameroom offers a fair protection of Human rights. The framework has been reinforced in 2007 with the entrance into force of the Criminal Procedure Code. A new disposal offering better protection regarding detention conditions is now enforceable: habeas corpus, restriction of the scope of preventive detention and custody and a new bill instituting judicial assistance in 2009. A national Action Plan for the Promotion and the Protection of Human Rights in Cameroon intends to enhance Access to Justice and the Protection of detained persons’ rights (2015-2019) The Bill 2016-7 (12th July 2016) created new alternative sentence and penalties in the Criminal Code to fight bad detention conditions and prison overcrowding. So far, the Bill is not enforceable.

In this context, vulnerable people’s rights such as the LGBTI community, women and children remains at risk.


RECAJUD aims at reinforcing the capacities of members of the entire judicial system to protect and enforce detained persons’ rights. It particularly targets vulnerable people and the promotion of alternative sentence and penalty.

Hence, RECAJUD project has two main focus:

  • Promotion of detained persons’ rights and handling of the most blatant cases (e.g lack of detention warrant, expiry of preventive detention duration, discrimination,…etc.)
  • Promotion of an effective exercise of alternative sentence and penalties in relevant cases.


The project will be conducted in Bafoussam, Bamenda, Limbe and Yaoundé during 18 months with the following actions being carried out:

  • Training law practitioners in terms of rules which guarantee the rights of people which are deprived of their freedom, in particular members of vulnerable groups
  • Free legal consultations within prisons and handling of cases
  • Round table discussions about access to justice and alternative sentencing for people deprived of freedoms
  • Advocacy with the authorities for the signature of the implementation decree and/or the effective application of alternative sentencing
  • Awareness campaigning in regard to individuals who have been deprived of their freedom


The conduct of RECAJUD Project will be carried out hand in hand with the national network of Human Rights organization in Cameroon (RECODH) and Lawyers Without Borders Cameroon. The Crises and Support Center from the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs and the Ambassy of France in Cameroon support the project.

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