Greece - Legal information workshops on asylum procedures

Illustration : Grèce - Des ateliers d'information juridique sur les procédures d'asile

Since January 2019, ASF France's Samos Legal Centre has been providing legal assistance to asylum seekers on the island of Samos, in order to guarantee the right to asylum and protect the fundamental rights of displaced persons. 
An online legal information session was organised on 7 July for a medical NGO in Samos (Med'Equali Team), with the participation of about 6 medical volunteers. The aim of this workshop was to inform them about the asylum procedure in Samos so that they could better understand the context in which they work, and where to refer asylum seekers in need of legal support. The issues of identification and recognition of vulnerabilities were also discussed, as well as the referral system between NGOs. On 22 July, a similar session was given to international volunteers working for other NGOs in Samos.
On 2, 16 and 28 July, workshops for asylum seekers were held at the We Are One centre, a community centre for women. The workshops, organised in partnership with The Refugee Law Clinic Berlin (RLCB), were held in English, French, Arabic and Farsi and aimed to inform women of their rights in the asylum procedure and to answer their legal questions. An identical workshop was held at the Alpha centre on 21 July, this time also open to men.

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