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 Dear friends,
As you will see from our annual report, 2019 marked a real time of reinforcement of our actions with those, women, men, children, in Nigeria, Chad, Cambodia or Greece, who are durably confronted with the challenge of their fundamental rights.
This year again, the unfailing commitment of our volunteers, partners and employees has enabled our association to fulfil its mission, true to the ambitions it has had since its inception.
The work of perpetuating our actions is also bearing fruit. In particular in Nigeria, where, thanks to the long-standing links with our partners, we have been able to renew our current programmes while at the same time starting the SAFE programme, the objective of which is to "strengthen the capacities of national actors and advocate for an end to serious human rights violations".
The sustainability of the effects of our actions remains a deep component of our commitment and a determining criterion for our donor partners. 2019 has particularly highlighted this dimension of our strategic orientations since, beyond Nigeria, the continuation of our presence in Cambodia and Greece through the implementation of new programmes or their renewal, constitutes one of the highlights of the past year. We hope that the same will be true in Chad, as the PADEF project has been completed, but new prospects have emerged.
2019 also marked the continuation of our training activities for the profession, our participation in many major international events such as the World Congress against the Death Penalty, the World Justice Forum or the Paris Peace Forum.
Finally, 2019 was also a year of transition on strategic subjects for our association which will produce their effects from 2020 and which we will have the pleasure of revealing to you in the next action plan.
Beyond these few lines, the fact remains that, year after year, we see the need for our commitment to our causes. We thank you for your help and support in this immense task, which is rooted in the ideal of Justice that constitutes our common foundation.
Co-Presidents Avocats Sans Frontières France
Me Vincent Fillola
Me Julien Pourquié Kessas

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