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  • Bláithín Quigley

    Bláithín Quigley

    Samos Legal Centre Project Manager (Grèce)

  • Dimitra Dokanari

    Dimitra Dokanari

    Lawyer at the Samos Legal Centre (Greece)

  • Panagiota Karanika

    Panagiota Karanika

    Lawyer at the Samos Legal Centre (Greece)

  • Ahmed Sékou Touré

    Ahmed Sékou Touré

    Project manager (Guinea)

  • Saa Layoulou Feindouno

    Saa Layoulou Feindouno

    Project assistant (Guinea)

  • Kabinè Toure

    Kabinè Toure

    Financial and Logistics Administrator (Guinea)

  • Misstherly Casseus

    Misstherly Casseus

    Coordination Assistant (Haiti)

  • Saïfoulaye Saïdou Sidibe

    Saïfoulaye Saïdou Sidibe

    JUGE Project Manager (Mali)

  • Awa Yattara

    Awa Yattara

    Financial and Logistics Administrator (Mali)

  • Aymar Ovono

    Aymar Ovono

    Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant project JUGE (Mali)

  • Angela Uwandu Uzoma-Iwuchukwu

    Angela Uwandu Uzoma-Iwuchukwu

    Head of Office in Nigeria

  • Edugie Amihere

    Edugie Amihere

    ProCAT Case Manager (Nigeria)

  • Chinedu Christopher Gbulie

    Chinedu Christopher Gbulie

    Communication Officer (Nigeria)

  • Valentine Lazarus

    Valentine Lazarus

    Financial and Logistics Administrator (Nigeria)

  • Jovita Membis

    Jovita Membis

    Judicial assistant (Nigeria)

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