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Do you want to make the difference ? Do you want to get involved for a world of Justice and Freedom ?

Since its creation, ASF France and its partners have strengthened the effective application of human rights in 25 countries, and provided access to justice for more than 40,000 people. In 2020, the health crisis has become a social crisis, and inequalities are growing. Help us to remain on the front line to accompany the most vulnerable! 
By supporting ASF France, you are helping to protect human rights worldwide. YOU GIVE US THE MEANS TO ACT!
There are many ways in which you can get involved with us. Our team is at your disposal to define a personalised partnership with you. Contact Matthias Cougnaud on 05 34 31 17 83 or

ASF France offers different types of partnerships that meet the expectations of companies.

Fund a specific action or project: you can choose a specific project in the countries where we work and support it.

Mobilisation of employees: on a solidarity day, for a cause that particularly touches you or simply to support ASF France, you can organize fundraising events within your company. You can find a creative way to engage your employees in the company’s social responsibility by organizing a raffle or a pool. We provide you with communication tools, a link to a specific online donation module and support newsletters. Furthermore, we guarantee regular monitoring of donations, and we are available to inform your employees of our actions and projects.

Offer cause-related products: put specific products or services on sale while donating a fixed % to the benefit of ASF France. You will decrease your margins but benefit from social added value that will allow you to improve your image and increase your sales. The customer buys your product at the same price as usual and has the possibility to consume in a solidarity way since part of his purchase will be donated to the benefit of ASF France.

Training on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): ASF France experts are available to train your company’s managers and employees on various topics related to social responsibility: the concept of Sustainable Development, CSR and fundamental standards, the consequences for companies, the French and European regulatory context, societal expectations, cultural specificities, the consequences of CSR on corporate governance, etc. Payment for your trainings will help support the actions of LWB France.

Solidarity rounding up (at the checkout or on salaries): solidarity rounding up is the first donation-based crowdfunding embedded in everyday life and is a generosity scheme that will allow you to fund various ASF France solidarity programs. There are two types of rounding: rounding up at the checkout, that is done by your customers and consumers through the donation of a few cents when paying for their cart or their purchases, and the rounding up on salary that offers employees the possibility to make micro-donations each month on their net payable. The employer can participate in the fundraising by paying too ! The cents and euros collected will be directly donated to ASF France.

The law in force allows you a 60% tax exemption on the amount of your donation. The donation can be monthly or annual.

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