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Since its creation, ASF France and its partners have strengthened the effective application of human rights in 25 countries, and provided access to justice for more than 40,000 people. In 2021, the health crisis has become a social crisis, and inequalities are growing. Please help us to stay on the front line to support the most vulnerable!
Your support allows us to develop our projects, to ensure emergency actions, to reinforce our teams, to perpetuate our actions, to increase our visibility and to extend our strategy. By supporting Avocats Sans Frontières France, you contribute to the protection of human rights throughout the world. You give us the means to act. For all that you allow us to do, thank you!
You can make a donation : online or by post (cheque or bank transfer): send us the completed donation form below to ASF France 13 rue des Fleurs - 31000 Toulouse.
You can become a member : online or by mail: send us the completed membership form below to ASF France 13 rue des Fleurs - 31000 Toulouse. By becoming a member, you show your commitment to the defence of fundamental rights and you become a key player in the defence of human rights and the rule of law. Becoming a member of ASF France means :
  • Share common values of justice and humanity
  • To evolve within a committed and dynamic association
  • Learn from ASF France experts and acquire new skills through the training courses offered by the association (face-to-face or distance learning)
  • The opportunity to become a volunteer and to actively invest in the protection of human rights by joining an expertise unit, going on mission or participating in fundraising and communication activities. Ask for our Volunteer Guide! (on request at


You can make a bequest : ASF France is recognised as a public utility association and is authorised to receive bequests, donations and life insurance policies, which are fully exempt from inheritance and transfer taxes. By making a bequest, life insurance or donation to ASF France, you are contributing in the long term to promoting access to justice for vulnerable people and to promoting the rule of law. For more information, please contact Mr. Matthias COUGNAUD calling 05 34 31 17 83 or writing to

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