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The Association Avocats Sans Frontières France, of which Bâtonnier Paul-Albert IWEINS, former President of the Paris Bar, and Maître Matthieu BAGARD are co-Presidents, and which has Bâtonnier Pierre DUNAC, Vice-President of the Conférence des Bâtonniers, as Vice-President, wishes to point out that it has nothing in common with the Association Avocats Sans Frontières chaired by Maître Gilles-William GOLDNADEL. All the declarations, actions and public positions of the latter therefore in no way represent those of ASF France. ASF France is an organisation which acts throughout the world in the sole service of the fundamental rights of citizens as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and more particularly the right to a defence and to a fair trial. 

Created in 1998, Avocats Sans Frontières France (ASF France) is an international solidarity association that contributes to the respect of fundamental rights throughout the world, wherever it is useful and necessary. 


  1. ACT in the name of justice and freedom

We provide pro bono defense for anyone whose fundamental rights are threatened and who does not have a free and independent lawyer.

  1. CONTRIBUTE to the strengthening of the rule of law

We take action all over the world, whenever it is necessary to support the rule of law, the judicial institution or the right to a fair trial.

  1. PROMOTE access to the law and fair justice

We participate in the implementation of legal aid and judicial systems in order to bring the protection of the law to the most vulnerable people where it does not exist: provision of legal services (mobile or sedentary consultations), strengthening of judicial systems, awareness-raising among the population and judicial actors.

  1. DEFEND citizens and human rights defenders

We defend all persons whose fundamental rights are threatened and who are deprived of a free and independent defense, as well as human rights defenders who are threatened because of their commitment or their profession.

  1. STRENGTHEN the capacity to act and the autonomy of local actors

Our mission is always to strengthen the capacities of local justice and legal actors. To this end, ASF France provides them with initial and ongoing training adapted to their specific needs and difficulties. 

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