📢 Samos Legal Centre - Call for the closure of the Closed Controlled Access Centre (CCAC)

Illustration : 📢 Samos Legal Centre – Appel à la fermeture du Centre Fermé à Accès Contrôlé (CCAC)

Having followed the situation the situation of displaced persons in Samos since the beginning of our legal assistance project for asylum seekers in January 2019, ASF France is deeply concerned about the degrading conditions in the CCAC in Samos, Greece, which opened in September 2021.

Since its opening, legal actors in Samos have been calling for the closure of the CCAC and the accommodation of people within communities and in housing that respects their dignity.

The CCAC does not meet human rights standards and living conditions are particularly degrading (overcrowded, unsanitary, inedible food and non-provision of essential hygiene products).

In a joint statement, ASF France and legal actors in Samos call for the closure of the Samos CCAC and request a more humane response to people seeking safety.

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