JOINT STATEMENT: Shutdown of the Greek Asylum Service

Illustration : DÉCLARATION COMMUNE : Fermeture du service d'asile grec

⚠️ Over the past month, most operations of the Greek asylum service have been disrupted or completely halted, due to an update of the service's database. The impact on asylum seekers and refugees has been considerable: asylum applications have not been able to be registered, decisions have not been made and legal representatives have struggled to obtain key documents to support their beneficiaries.
Last week, a devastating shipwreck occurred off the coast of Greece. More than 500 people are still missing, while the 104 survivors found have been transferred to mainland Greece. Continuing problems with the asylum service's database mean that these applicants could face significant problems registering their claims for international protection in Greece.
📣 ASF France has joined five legal organisations in Greece in calling for the immediate reinstatement of all asylum procedures in Greece, to ensure that the right to seek asylum is guaranteed and that applicants are not left in legal limbo.
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