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Since our creation 20 years ago, training has been at the heart of our mission. It constitutes an essential step towards the realisation of our main objective: ensuring a quality defense for those who are denied it.

Our training programmes allow us to :

  • Pass on our experience, skills and practice in the defense of human rights based on our know-how for more than 20 years.
  • Strengthen the power to act of civil society (associations, NGOs, institutions, companies) and actors of the penal chain for the defense and promotion of human rights "where the defense no longer has a voice".


Our training center is recognised and intervenes in France with bar associations, training centers, law schools but also internationally, in international criminal jurisdictions such as the ICC. Our trainings are supported by the international cooperation of States and their organisations such as the United Nations and the European Union.

Our trainers constitute a unique network of experts, actors in the field, legal practitioners (lawyers, magistrates, jurists, members of partner institutions or NGOs), bringing together a high level of technical and methodological skills. All of them are trained in specific, dynamic and interactive teaching methods. They enable trainees to optimise their training time with a real increase in skills and efficiency.

Our training courses are approved and referenced by the National Council of Bars and Law Societies, meet the requirements (Datadock) and can therefore be fully covered under the heading of continuing professional training (FIF PL, OPCO, etc.).


  • Lawyers and legal practitioners confronted with unprecedented legal issues related to the prosecution of major crimes (genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes) and the defense of defendants and victims before national or international courts.
  • Students, academics who want to develop their skills on specific legal approaches to the defense of human rights.
  • Associations, NGOs, companies and institutions that wish to acquire, develop and transmit a concrete and committed approach to the culture of human rights.
  • Our members, mainly lawyers and magistrates, in order to enable them to fully carry out their missions and projects in the countries where we operate

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