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ASF France relies on professional volunteers, practitioners and experts — both in law and in other fields. Through their skills, commitment and dedication to human rights, our volunteers are the foundation of our work. The work each volunteer does is dependent upon their own skill set. Our volunteers are leading actors in the field, taking a hands on approach to defend human rights and the rule according to higher law. ASF France carries out international projects which require broad expertise. In short, anyone can volunteer!   

Each year, our volunteers carry out more than 20,000 hours of work , accounting for 2 million euros. Without them, none of our projects would be possible !

There are several ways to volunteer :

  • Taking part in a group project: after a call for mobilization from the organisation, each member can get involved in a group project in order to contribute to its creation or its execution. Group project members take part in meetings during which the project is designed and work together on its strategy and implementation. Volunteers who wish to take part in projects follow a training course — the Trainer’s Formation — which aims at strengthening volunteers’ methodology and prepares them to conduct their own courses in the field.
  • Going on a mission: when a project requires volunteers to be sent in the field, members of a group project are called upon according to their expertise and their availability. 
  • Participating in fundraising and communication campaigns: the organization needs financial support for logistical purposes and in order to develop its projects. We appreciate when members mobilise themselves in order to look for funding and increase the organisation’s visibility by raising awareness of its actions among their clients, partners and networks. Additionally, ASF France takes part in numerous legal, sporting, political and cultural events during which volunteers can represent the organisation. ASF France is also in regular need of editorial, translation and graphic design work, amongst other types of volunteering work.

In order to become a volunteer within ASF France, you must be a member. 

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