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Since its creation in 1998, ASF France and its partners have strengthened the effective application of human rights in 17 countries, and provided access to justice for more than 40,000 people. While the health crisis is becoming a social crisis, inequalities are becoming ever more pronounced. Everyone must be able to claim their rights. Help us to remain on the front line to support the most vulnerable!
Your support allows us to develop our projects, ensure emergency actions, strengthen our teams, perpetuate our actions, increase our visibility and extend our strategy. We are constantly looking for funds, partners and professionals capable of helping us set up our projects. It is you who give us the means to act. For all that you allow us to undertake, thank you!
Whether you are a concerned citizen, a socially responsible company, a committed bar association or a philanthropic organisation, you can help us defend the ideal of human rights in the world!
How can you take action?
Organising a solidarity fundraising event, participating in ASF France events, relaying our messages on social networks, joining the association, giving your time as a volunteer, you can also act with us. Let's discuss your expectations and projects, so that together we can find the best way to express your generosity by supporting the association. There are simple ways to contribute to the effective implementation of human rights according to your status, your means and your commitment. Choose yours.
I am a citizen in solidarity
  • Become a volunteer: join an expertise unit, go on a mission, participate in fundraising and communication actions... Each specialist in his or her field, you can contribute your know-how and skills!
  • Membership: membership gives you the opportunity to evolve within a committed and dynamic association, to train with experts and to keep up to date with the latest news by receiving our quarterly newsletter.
  • Make a donation: the generosity of our donors is essential to the achievement of our missions in the field.
  • Bequests and life insurance: passing on all or part of your assets is a great way to express your generosity.
  • Helpfreely: support ASF France for free with every online purchase! For more information:
Tax receipt: ASF France is legally and fiscally entitled to receive legacies, donations and life insurance, exempt from inheritance and transfer taxes. 66% of the amount of your donation can be deducted from your income tax, up to a limit of 20% of taxable income.
I am a socially responsible company
We are constantly looking for partners to finance and develop our projects and for sponsors who can make their know-how available to our projects. 
More information in our section Act with your company.
I am a committed bar association
107 bars associations have already supported us!  ASF France works to promote access to law for the most disadvantaged. This is the same work that the Bars do, particularly during the free consultations organised by the Conseils Départementaux d'Accès au Droit (CDAD).
A joint action between your bar, the CDAD of your department and ASF France is possible. For a given period, the lawyers providing free legal advice will be asked to pay the fees usually paid to them by the CDAD to ASF France. This one-off action is open to all voluntary colleagues, following the approval of the President of the Bar. These consultations can be counted as training hours.
Student lawyers' association, you too can help us by setting up projects within your school to raise funds on behalf of ASF France.
ASF France, as an international solidarity organisation, guarantees its members and any entity with which it is in contact, transparency on the actions, finances and accounts of the association. It is committed to strict compliance with the accounting and management rules in force. Since its creation, its accounts have been subject to an annual independent audit and certification.

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