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Legal Aid in Battambang Province


Since 2005, Avocats Sans Frontières France has conducted numerous programs aimed at strengthening the rule of law through the training of Cambodian lawyers and magistrates and through the free legal aid provided to litigants, but also through its involvement in the cases handled by the Extraordinary Chambers within the Cambodian Courts. 

These activities have been successful and have truly enabled the Cambodian population as a whole to benefit until 2012 from the positive momentum that has been established and which has helped to strengthen the rule of law through the training of lawyers and magistrates and the establishment in 20 provinces of legal aid.

However, with a budget of $75,000 for state legal aid and 837 lawyers mainly based in the capital, access to justice and legal aid remains a priority in the country, particularly in the province of Battambang.

In October 2015, ASF France launched a new program in the province of Battambang.



  • Improve the defence in Battambang province of defendants without lawyers, due to lack of resources, in criminal cases.

  • Strengthen the rule of law and promote access to law and justice for the people of Battambang province, particularly the most disadvantaged.


  • In the province of Battambang, the defense of criminal cases is optimised.
  • The public is provided with free legal advice in court and in the communes.


Cambodian Bar Association.

With the financial support of the Occitania Region, the Prime Minister's Office, the DFBL International Law Firm and the Bar Association at the Council of State and the Court of Cassation.


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