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Strengthening the capacities and the role of the lawyer - Training of student lawyers in Laos


An extensive program of judicial reform has been undertaken in Laos since 2007 by the government with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). It is in this context that the Lao Bar Association, a young institution created in 1996, wished to strengthen the quality of the initial and ongoing training of its members and its own capacity to provide quality legal aid to the poorest.

ASF France and the Laos Bar Association have therefore envisaged a collaboration in various fields such as :

  • the initial and continuing training of lawyers

  • sharing of experience with foreign actors

  • exchange with other judicial actors

  • free access to justice for vulnerable populations

The first action launched in 2010 concerns the initial and continuing training of lawyers.



The project aims to contribute to the promotion of equitable justice in Laos by strengthening the legal profession and its capacity to deliver quality legal services to vulnerable people.


Training in the use of international legal instruments protecting human rights in domestic courts

Each new class of student lawyers benefits from training provided by ASF France teams.

The association also provides material support for the initial training of lawyers.


  • Training of trainers

  • Training in legal tools: criminal code, code of criminal procedure, anti-corruption law


  • A group of Laos trainers is created

  • Three classes of 20 to 30 student lawyers each are trained in human rights and the rights of the defence.


The Laos Bar Association, the Toulouse Bar Association and the Laotian Ministry of Justice.

With the financial support of the French Embassy in Laos 

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