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LIBRE - Fighting Impunity for Perpetrators of Gender-Based Violence to Strengthen Gender Equality in Guinea


For several years, Guinea has been committed to defending the fundamental rights of its citizens, particularly the most vulnerable groups, such as women and young girls. According to a national survey carried out by the government in 2017, 96% of women in the country have undergone genital mutilation, 63% early marriage and 85% domestic violence. The political crisis of 2021 has had a significant impact on the rule of law, creating an environment conducive to the development of serious human rights violations, including sexual violence, particularly against women. Faced with this situation, Guinea has introduced national policies and programmes aimed at countering this trend. However, very little use is made of the remedies available under the law, either because women are unaware of the avenues available to them or because they fear reprisals and stigmatisation within their communities.
In this context, LIBRE aims to achieve specific changes in behaviour to combat impunity for GBV and help eradicate this violence.


General objective:

  • To help combat gender-based discrimination and, in particular, GBV in Guinea, which in the long term will help to reduce the country's structural and economic fragility.
Specific objective:
  • Contribute to the fight against impunity for perpetrators of GBV by promoting access to justice for victims and encouraging a change in behaviour on the part of the authorities and the general public. Through this objective, civil society will play an important role in the fight against GBV in Guinea, helping to promote the effective implementation of pre-existing legislation on GBV and the conviction of the perpetrators of this violence.


  • R1 : Centralized data collection on GBV in Guinea that is effectively monitored and updated.
  • R2 : Women who are victims of GBV are provided with holistic care and effective support
  • R3 : Advocacy and awareness-raising activities are carried out to influence policies and public opinion on women's rights and GBV.



Actions planned for R1 :
  • Development of a consultation framework for key players in the fight against GBV in Guinea.
  • Creation of a database to collect, centralise and analyse data on GBV.
  • Advocacy to systematically collect data on GBV.
  • Set up stakeholder monitoring workshops on the availability and updating of GBV data.
  • Produce a study presenting the results of GBV data collection in Guinea and present it at a feedback workshop.
Actions planned for R2 :
  • Training for those involved in the criminal justice system and doctors in the area of GBV.
  • Training on human rights and issues relating to GBV.
  • Capacity-building for lawyers in handling cases of GBV.
  • Creation, leadership and training of human rights and gender clubs in schools and universities.
  • Holistic care for survivors of GBV and the necessary referrals.
Actions planned for R3 :
  • Digital communication campaign to raise public and official awareness of GBV and its legalisation.
  • Setting up public awareness sessions on respect for human rights and the fight against violence against women/girls.
  • Lobbying the authorities to promote the development of forensic medicine in Guinea.
  • Advocacy for the establishment of an integrated fund managed by civil society.


As part of the LIBRE project, a consortium of 3 partner associations has been set up : 
  • The mission of Avocats Sans Frontières France (ASF France) is to help consolidate the rule of law, in particular by providing technical assistance to the legal and judicial professions;
  • The Club des Jeunes Filles Leaders de Guinée (CJFLG) campaigns for the rights of women and children in the Republic of Guinea;
  • The Centre for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights (CPDH) promotes human rights and legal aid in Guinea.
  • The LIBRE project is funded by the European Union.


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