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PARAJ - Support Project for Strengthening Access to Justice for the Most Vulnerable Persons


The legal assistance provided by the Legal Clinics (LC) and the Justice Houses (JH) is limited geographically and does not allow for coverage of other areas of the territory where the needs are equally important. In addition, despite their efforts, the limited material and human capacities of local partners (OGDH and MDT) do not make it possible to meet the growing demand for legal assistance from the increasingly overcrowded courts and prisons.

Added to this is the recent political and health crisis, which creates additional pressure on prisons and detainees in vulnerable situations.

Finally, to date there has been no link between the legal aid activities of the CJs carried out by civil society organisations (CSOs) OGDH and MDT, and the local justice actions of the DOJ under the Ministry of Justice.

The present action therefore aims to sustain and strengthen the actions of the CJs and DOJs, and to make the link between the legal and judicial assistance and access to law provided by these two structures, in order to guarantee a more effective, holistic and inclusive concept of community justice and to allow for greater geographic coverage.



  • Support CSOs in the consolidation of the rule of law, through the strengthening of access to the justice for vulnerable people and the fight against impunity in the Republic of Guinea.

  • Strengthening CJ capacities and CSO action engaged in legal and judicial assistance.

  • Strengthening the coordination of the CJs with the actors of justice.


  • The operational and human capacities of CJs are reinforced.

  • A training plan for the benefit of all the actors of justice of proximity is dispensed.

  • Information and legal assistance actions of the DOJ, and free legal aid actions of the CJs, are strengthened in favour of vulnerable people..


  • Preparation of a manual for the provision of free legal aid to the most vulnerable persons in order to define the competences and modalities of the CJ's care and the vulnerability criteria for judging a request admissible or inadmissible.

  • Evaluation of the training needs of local justice actors.

  • Development and validation of the training plan and pedagogical tools based on the specific needs of each target group.

  • Training of trainers and training of target audiences.


ASF France intervenes as a technical expert to support the Guinean Organization for the Defense of Human and Citizen's Rights (OGDH) and Les Mêmes Droits pour Tous (MDT) which are in charge of coordinating the actions of the Legal Clinics. These actions are carried out in coordination with the lead applicant COGINTA, an international organisation specialising in the areas of security and judicial governance, social cohesion and the rule of law.

The project is supported by the Delegation of the European Union in Guinea.  


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