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IMPACT - Involvement of Digital Media for Active Prevention of Conflicts and Tensions

Project description

The IMPACT project was born out of the need to strengthen the positive role of civil society in West Africa, including digital media, in conflict prevention in order to participate more globally in the consolidation of a sustainable peace. IMPACT supports civil society in maximising the potential of media (traditional, community, social) on conflict dynamics so that they contribute to building and consolidating sustainable peace in Côte d'Ivoire and Guinea. In this sense, the project considers that civil society must be able to play a central role in conflict prevention and must benefit from capacity building to this end. The activities implemented are complementary and will aim to analyse the role of the media in the coverage of conflicts and encourage the creation of synergies to support exchange and experience, to strengthen the capacities of the media by equipping them with tools to maximise their potential, and finally to mobilise the media and civil society actors against hate speech and in favour of dialogue processes.

Expected results

  • The role of media in conflict reporting is analysed and cross-national synergies are created to support collaboration and experience.
  • Technical capacities of the media are strengthened and they are provided with tools to maximise their potential.
  • Media and civil society actors are mobilised and engaged against hate speech, incitement to violence and misinformation.


  • Strengthen the positive role of civil society, including digital media, in conflict prevention.


Actions in 2022


  • Inventory of applicable standards, current practices and risks on the theme of "media and conflict prevention", followed by a workshop to share good practices.
  • Follow-up workshops to strengthen the exchange and synergies between partners.
  • Creation of a secure and collaborative platform to prevent conflicts generated on online media.
  • Capacity building activity for media on ethical, responsible and balanced conflict reporting.
  • Training for digital media on combating hate messages and misleading information.
  • Implementation of actions to promote fact-checking and media self-regulation
  • Training of citizen journalists in peri-urban areas.
  • Raising awareness of citizen journalists on hate and misleading information through multiform content.


The NGO Danaïdes, the Association des blogueur de Guinée (ABLOGUI), the Network of Pan-African bloggers and web-activists AfricTivistes, the Réseau des Professionnels de la Presse en Ligne de Côte d'Ivoire (REPPRELCI) with the financial support of the European Union participate in the IMPACT project.

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